Titan Staff News

Week of March 23


Thank you for a great week back from Spring Break! I read a powerful article this week written by Will Daggett. In his research he has found that teachers are the single most powerful influence on instruction. He goes on to state that the instructional culture within the school must be focused on making all teachers more effective. We are on the cusp of having culture at Tidwell. As you meet in your PLCs this week, discuss your reflections on your effectiveness of instruction as a team. What instructional adjustments need to take place? Are you getting the results you planned for?

We are on the brink of greatness! Keep up the good work, Titans!


This week at Tidwell

Monday, March 23

Varsity Treble Choir UIL (@ Central HS)

Tuesday, March 24

Symphonic Band UIL (@BNHS)

Barker leave for Houston pm

Wednesday, March 25

Barker @ Principal's Visioning Institute

Gatlin/Parkman @ NISL

Ted Mynyk (AP at Medlin) and Katy Barrey - Administrators on Duty

Wind Ensemble UIL (@BNHS)

Meet of Champions Track Meet (@BNHS)

Thursday, March 26

Barker @ Principal's Visioning Institute

Gatlin/Parkman @ NISL

Cheryl Hunt (AP at BNHS) - Administrator on Duty

Friday, March 27

Theater Spring Show 7pm

Important Information

  • Please see the administrators who will be on duty at Tidwell on Wed and Thurs. I greatly appreciate their help in supporting our campus in our absence. Give them a big Titan welcome!
  • PDAS Teacher Self Report Part II and III are due by April 28th. The sooner you get those completed, the sooner we can complete your Summative appraisal. Please email you PDAS appraiser when your TSR is completed in Eduphoria.
  • Come help us celebrate our outstanding employees at the NISD Inspire Celebration on May 1st. If you are interested in attending, please let McGreger know and she will secure you a seat at our table.
  • Save the Date....Night of No Limits will be May 18th at BNHS.
  • Remember you are to have 5 SBBBs before the end of the year. Please make sure your last SBBB is a strong board to leave up until the start of school next year.