A very little biography

The very little biography

Guyana is located in the Northern part of South America. It's coordinates are 5N and 59W. It mainly contains rolling highlands and some beaches. Guyana gained it's independence in 1966 from Britian. It's national language is English but many people also speak Ameridian dialects and Creole.

Guyana Government, Econamy, Cities

Guyana's government is a republic and it's leader is Donald Ramotar. They have a socialist econamy and their currency is the Guyanese dollar. They mainly export sugar gold bauxite, alumna, rice, shrimp, molasses and rum too the countries of Canada, the U.S. and the UK. Guyana imports machinery, patroleum and food from the U.S., Trinadad and Tobage. Their capital is Georgetown and other cities are Anna and Pegina.

Current problems

Guyana is havin problems with Venizuala. It has taken control of the Essequibo River which runs through Guyana.


Guyana has nice weather, breath taking waterfalls, Iwakrama forest, kaiter national park, Meusium of African heratige.