Max Weber

By: Megan Berry

Background info:

Max was born in Erfurt, Germany. He is the eldest of seven children. Both his mother and father came from Protestant families. Maximilian Weber was known as not only a German political economist, but also a well known sociologist. He is considered to be one of the founders of the "Antipositvistic" study of sociology.


1. The majority of his work deals with the sociology of religion and government.

2. Most recognized piece of work is his essay The Protestant Ethic.

3. Another famous essay he wrote was the Spirit of Capitalism.

4. His mother, Helene Fallenstein held very religious commitments.

5. All of his theories had a huge impact on twentieth-century sociology.

6. One of the first scholars to "push" the moral and spiritual importances of economic behavior.

7. Thoughts that capitalism was weak also had a huge impact on 20th century sociology.

8. His younger brother, Alfred, happened to also be a sociologist.

9. His most famous works are about the differences of religions and the wealth of Capitalism.

10. His goal was to find the reasons for the different development paths of various cultures.