August 2018

Welcome Back!

I hope that you have enjoyed your summer and are looking forward to getting back to the important task of teaching our students this year. We're glad to have you back.

A special welcome goes out to our new teachers! If there is anything we can do to assist you as you become a valued member of the CCS family, please do not hesitate to ask. If you received this newsletter at your personal email address and you now have a CCS email address, please let me know.

Enjoy your year!

Steve Hiner

Teaching & Learning Specialist: Secondary Math

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ALEKS Bulk Upload

Mark your calendars!

We will be performing the ALEKS bulk upload on the morning of August 22, 2018.

What is the bulk upload?

The ALEKS bulk upload automatically creates your classes for you and enrolls all students into those classes. Names and IDs are created exactly as they appear in Infinite Campus.

We wait till August 22nd because the upload can only be done one time. If a school's schedule has not been entered into Infinite Campus by the time we do the upload, teachers will have to manually create all their classes and enroll all their students.

How are ALEKS courses created?

Courses will be created to match the courses you are teaching. For instance, Math I teachers will have a course created that uses the Integrated Math I ALEKS course product.

Once classes have been created, you can change the course product. If a Math I teacher decides she would like to have students work in Prealgebra first to find out "where they are at", she can change her course product to Prealgebra. Middle school teachers often use RTI6, 7, or 8 to start the year off with a review of the basics. It's up to you! You can always create more classes later and move kids into that as the year progresses.

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A good rule of thumb is: if a student scores less than 15% on the initial assessment, you can consider moving them into a different class. Then, let them work until you feel comfortable moving them back into the "regular" class.

You can create as many classes as you need. You can rename courses as you wish. Please be careful not to use terms such as "low students", etc.

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What if I moved to a new building this year?

There is no way to move ALEKS instructor accounts. If you have moved from one building to another, you will automatically receive a new ALEKS account when the bulk upload is performed. Watch your email for your new account name.

Can I put all students in one class?


As long as each class is going to use the same course product. Let's say you have 5 periods of Math 7. You can move all students into one class and create different groups within that class. You can create as many groups as you want. You can have an "IEP group", an "advanced group", etc. Students do not see the titles of these different groups.

How do we handle changes?

After the bulk upload has been performed, changes will need to be done manually. If a student switches from your 3rd period to 8th period, you can easily move them. If a student changes teachers, people in the building with admin access to ALEKS can move them from one teacher to another.
As new students enter your class during the year, ask if they were already enrolled in another CCS building and working in ALEKS. If YES, we need to move their account to their new school. Contact Steve to do this. If NO, then you can enroll students into your class. Please enter student names exactly as it appear in Infinite Campus and be sure to include a student ID#. For their password, enter their birthdate (no slashes) followed by the lower case letter 'a'. Example: 08212001a
Below is a poster you can print and hang in your classroom. The poster shows students how to log into ALEKS and ConnectED. Note that you will need to give students their ALEKS logins, as they are generated by the program when the bulk upload is performed. Students who already has an account last year will maintain the same login.
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Does ALEKS replace ME?


ALEKS is a very important part of the mathematics program in Columbus City Schools. Every student in grades 3-12 has an account. Data shows that students tend to perform better on AIR and MAP tests as their mastery of ALEKS courses increases.

ALEKS determines what each student knows (and does not know!) and creates an individual pathway for each student to follow to ensure success. However, it is not intended to be the primary source of knowledge. That's you! Encourage students to use a notebook while they work in ALEKS. Walk around and provide support as they work.

Even if you do not use ALEKS much in your class, all students need to be given their login information so they can work at home if they choose.

Where can I find more information?

Download our handy guide here.

This guide is made specifically for CCS. It contains helpful ways to use ALEKS in your classroom, as suggested by teachers actually using ALEKS every day. It is frequently updated and can be found on the CCS math website under Teacher PD.

Website Changes

We are working hard to streamline all of our department web pages so that information is easy to find. Our Clear Learning Targets and Timelines can now be accessed in the Teacher Binder. Watch for new middle school targets coming soon.

To go directly to the Math department website, you can simply type:

Click below to go directly to the teacher binder. You will need to log into your CCS Google account.

Teacher Binder

MS Accelerated Summer School

Congratulations to Mr. Fox and Mr. Emrick for another successful accelerated summer school program. Students studied Math 7 during the summer, all day long, all summer school long. They then took a final exam. All 28 students passed the final exam with a 75% or better. Great job!

Department Chairs

We are in the process of selecting a date to hold department chair meetings. Please stay tuned.

Test Support

Remember to take advantage of the AIR and ACT support materials found on the math department website. Students should be exposed to released test items and problems of the day. Additionally, students should practice the online calculators. All of this information can be found at the link below. We will be adding/revising items, so check back often.

Assessment Support

Plan and Present - Complete Lesson Plans at Your Fingertips!

Did you know McGraw-Hill's ConnectED program contains complete lesson plans for every unit? This includes worksheets, study guides, "look fors", tips for new teachers, videos, etc.

Here are the simple steps to follow to explore this helpful feature:

1. Log into your ConnectED account at their new link:

2. Click on a textbook

3. Click on the "hamburger menu" near the top left of the screen

4. Select "Plan and Present"

5. Choose a chapter and lesson

6. Explore!

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PD: ALEKS for beginners

New to ALEKS? Come join us to learn how to get the best use out of this powerful program.

Location: Linmoor Education Center, room 25B

Date: September 4, 2018

Time: 4:00pm-6:00pm

PD: ConnectED for beginners

New to ConnectED? We will be going over how to access your textbook online, how to use the online virtual manipulatives, and how to download and use complete lesson plans.

Location: Linmoor Education Center, room 25B

Date: September 6, 2018

Time: 4:00pm-6:00pm

Consider using ALEKS for your SLOs!!

Watch for more information on this soon
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