The Alpha Bet


Fiction book Summary

Setting: McMillan College

Point of View: First Person

Figurative Language: Simile, "She springs into the air like a gazelle" (82).

Summary: Grace Kelly was a sixteen year old girl who graduated from high school early. She devoted all of her time towards academics and didn't worry about having a normal high school life. As she enters college, she's determined to reinvent herself since she lived such a shelter life with her parents. When she meets her roomate Jentry, they became close friends fast. When she pledges for the Alpha's, things start to change. She changed her whole appearence and the way she acts. She even lied her way into the Alphas. Now she's more outgoing than ever and even had her first kiss.

Conflicts, Characters, and Themes


1) Person vs. person: Sloane and Grace Kelly never got along from the start. Sloane doubted Grace Kelly and said there was no way she could get into a sorority. Grace Kelly gets angry and throws sauce at her. Ever since then, they have been enemies.

2) Person vs. self: Grace Kelly has always been a nerdy girl who only focused on school. Just by taking one look at her you could tell. She struggles with wanting to change and be more outgoing. Once she changed, she never wants to go back.


1) Grace Kelly: Grace Kelly was a geeky girl who devoted all her time to school. You can tell she only cares about school when she says she's never had a sleepover with anyone or a first kiss.

2) Jentry: Grace Kelly's roomate her took Grace Kelly under her wing. You can tell she really cares about Grace Kelly when she offers to give her a makeover and was the first person to ever be nice to her.

Theme: The theme that emerged is that if you really want something, you'll do anything to get it. Grace Kelly lies to get into the sorority and has to do twenty-six things to prove her loyalty to the sisters. A quote that supported this was "Can I really lie my way into the Alphas?"(65).

Sorority Girls - S-O-R-O-R-I-T-Y Girls