The Herbivore Hangout

From bees to elephants, we cater to all herbivores!

Welcome to the Herbivore Hangout! Our restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere perfect for enjoying a great meal with your friends. For eight years we have been serving the best vegetarian food around town. Chef Humphrey the Hippo, who has been a chef for thirteen years, will cater to all your needs if you are a picky eater. We also provide an all you can eat salad bar with our fresh grown shrubs, flowers, and grasses for only seven dollars. So come around to the Herbivore Hangout and taste the best food catered to all herbivores!


Main Dishes



House Special

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Nutella and Banana Crepes

Crepes are lathered with nutella and then topped with bananas to make this amazing House Special.

Two for $3.75

Our Hours:

Monday-Friday: 8 AM to 10 PM

Saturday and Sunday: 9 AM to 12 PM