PLEF Schedule

March 9-13, 2015

Bring on the Sun

As Jack Frost takes his final bow we move boldly toward longer and warmer days. This is also the last leg of the great EOG race. Best of luck as you venture into interims this week. Use the data gained from the benchmark to effectively move your students into need-based groups. If you are unsure of how to effectively differentiate please take advantage of the March workshops. You'll find sign-up links for DIGITIZING CHOICE BOARDS below. Refer to the March newsletter for other course offerings.

Bring your charged tablet to every workshop

Monday: Davis @ Allen

Tuesday: Davis @ Guilford (Digitizing Choice Boards)

Wednesday: Davis @ Allen (Digitizing Choice Boards)

Thursday: Davis @ Guilford

Friday: Davis OFF

Great Teaching and Learning Spotlight

Great teaching and learning is occurring in every classroom in your building. Your peers are your greatest resources. Visit their classroom during planning to keep your ideas fresh. If you have something you'd like to share, email it to me and I'll feature it in my weekly updates.

The joy in observing teachers is to revisit their classroom to view how they've incorporated aspects of PLE and tech integration into their curriculum. Melvin Bagley (Allen) made tremendous strides by digitizing an assessment. It was easy to see the high level of engagement and appreciation his students had as he reached them in a manner in which they preferred. It's the smallest changes that make the biggest impact in a PLE. Bagley is quickly moving from SURVIVAL to INNOVATION. Where do you fall?

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Jane Shanks (Guilford) has completely embraced PLE! Ask her how she creates need-based groups that not only appeal to student learning profiles but offer students choice in how they want to obtain mastery. 7th grade SS teachers- please contact her if you'd like to pick her brain on how she flexed her environment during the Industrial Revolution unit.

Thank you to the teachers who continue to use the Amplify Classroom Management tools. Remember the value of formative assessment and the ease in which Amplify helps you accomplish this goal throughout a class period. Here is the breakdown from March 2-6.

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Need to Knows

  • Summer 2015 PACE Training: Save the date for July 20-22. More info to come!
  • Student Tablet Refresher Course: The PLEFs have created a refresher course if you'd like to review with your team of students. Click HERE for the link. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like me to help you co-teach this lesson.
  • March Instructional Technology Newsletter: Great courses are happening all over GCS. Check out ITI's newsletter below.
  • You'll find other articles and opportunities listed below. Be sure to check out the resources for Pi Day!