Neolithic Revolution

Briana Padilla

Informative Essay

A huge revolution had began to happen during the Neolithic Age. In history, a revolution means a wide spread in peoples lives. As people began migrating they got to a point where people began to settle into permanent societies because they didn't have to be nomadic anymore or hunter-gatherers. In fact, this revolution did not happen quick, it took several of thousand of years so everyone settled in. Nomadic people are people who move around hunting and gathering while following animals. This revolution is the Neolithic Revolution. The neolithic Revolution is when humans stopped being Nomadic and hunter-gatherers and began farming where they settled in.These humans settled in rich soil,Mesopotamia or in the Middle East. This is trying to say that people "shifted" away from being nomadic and began to stay in permanent settlements, building cultures or cities. As, they kept migrating from region to region they found areas with rich soil and natural resources they needed. Humans began to settle near or in the Fertile-Crescent,Tigris,and Euphrates river. In these areas their was good soil and natural resources they needed so they didn't have to be following the animals again.The soil was good for farming and the mountains around it provided protection for it. They all settled in about 31,000 years ago. This is saying the earliest settlements by humans where in the Middle East. The first civilizations due to farming are in the Middle East,Syria,Iraq,Israel,Turkey, and Jordan. Other settlements are in China,India,Egypt,Peru, and Mexico in the modern day. Some people continued to be Nomadic, in fact today their is still nomadic people today. The connection between farming and the civilization is that because of farming people where able to settle in and create civilizations.In conclusion, because of farming people where able to settle in.

Farming had begun to develop as people settled down. When people traveled they ate by gathering food from wild plants. When people ran out of resources they moved to a new location where animals had moved. Now people don't have to move because they could now grow their own food just where they settled in. In the area they settled in people,mostly women say archaeologist they began to cultivate or learn to farm as men continued to hunt. Cultivate means to prepare and use land to grow crops or garden. Because women learned to cultivate and learn to grow men could go out and do something else like hunting. What caused people to find new ways to produce food is that the people nearby didn't have enough food to feed everyone. We believe or archaeologist believe that women where the first to farm because men had to hunt or build. Women learned to cultivate or to grow crops by visiting wild crops or plants as they grew. Just because some people began to settle in not everyone did or stopped hunting. This is because this revolution took more than thousand of years and because women farmed men continued to hunt. Also, this might of happened because of trial and error and was unreliable. As they began to get comfortable they began to get innovations to help farm, fertilizers and farming tools. Another type of fertilizer they might of used to help grow crop is manure, from horses, sheep or goats,pigs, and cattle. When their was a surplus left of crop or in other words left over they needed to store them in pits or holes, or buildings. Domestication was a huge part of the Neolithic Revolution. If where people settled in wasn't good soil this caused people to be hunter-gatherers again until they found a place with natural resources and good soil to plant crop.Domestication means the adoption tame or adoption to intimate association with human beings.It also means to change the behavior of an animal or plant.People domesticated wheat. What they did to domesticate the wheat is that they first,they would pick seeds from best plants-wheat kernels.Second, they would see the yielded that is the most grain per plant or the ones that tasted better.Lastly,they would store the seeds to use to grow them the following year.Farming also had developed in India and all around the Middle East.The Middle East means land between the southern and eastern see of the Mediterranean Sea. Farming had developed all around the world in The Middle East and India barley and wheat was grown.In the Middle East their was farmed figs,lentils, and rye.In China millet and rice was grown.In America corn,beans, and squash was grown. To conclude, farming had developed slowly but it did. Farming had developed all over the world even though it took some time.Lastly, to grow the first crops people had to learn a surplus about growing crops properly.

In the Neolithic Revolution, their was a new revolution. This revolution was the domestication of animals. The domestication of animalstruly changed society and how we lived. the domestication of animals started 10,000 years ago. The first animals to be domesticated are dogs.This is because people began to get closer to wolves, dogs do come from wolves. Dogs had helped people by helping them hunt, now archaeologist can prove it. People herded and pastured animals by directing them toward natural recourses to keep the wild animals nearby. This means they stopped fllowing the animals and made the animals now "shift" toward them. The first farm animal to be domesticated was the sheep or goat. they where easy to domesticated because of their tamness,size, and their plant based diet.They provided meat, wool,hides,milk, and manure for the crops. Then, came pigs which provided meat,manure, and most importantly for modern people BACON!!! When, they decided to domesticate catlle (cows,bulls,oxen,etc.) which are large animlas that help with labor in the fields.They are called the beast of burden becausethey can cary heavy loads and transport them. This helped so much that people could now find other jobs because the animals where doing the hard work quicker,and could work longer periods of time.Other jobs they could find are building,doctors, or many others. the domestication of animals helped create a surplus of food.surplus means left over or more than needed.Even though this was a great thing, their came some disabilities. The disabilities are that more desieses that people already had their came more from animals which was very bad because their couldn't find a way to stop it. Domestication changed the conditions humans needed to survive.Instead of hunting and gathering or being nomadic people could raise animals and produce a surplus of food.The domestication of animals indeed herlped the growth of cities or towns.In conclusion, because the domestication of animals they could find other jobs and create more food because they could work quicker,and more periods of time.Lastly, it did help or specialize in many other people create a city or do other things they needed to do without animals.

The Neolithic Revolution, made a huge change in human history. First, it started with migration or following animals, settling down, growing the first crops, to the domestication of animals to lastly, building cities and towns. People settled in because they got into better control of farming and decided tp take it to another level by domesticating animlas.

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