MLB Trainer


Conduct an initial assessment of an athlete's injury or illness, Care for athletic injuries using physical therapy equipment, Evaluate athletes, Apply protective or injury preventive devices, elabilitation programs for athletic injuries.

Personal Characteristics

I think to be MLB Trainer or a athletic trainer you need to be good talking to people and knowing the pain they are going through. They need to have postive energy and be very good vibes with people. They always need to be in a postive attitiude.

Hard Working Job


To become a certified athletic trainer, a student must graduate with bachelors or master's degree from an accredited professional athletic training education program and pass a comprehensive test administered by the Board of Certification (BOC).


They can work anywhere from 60-70 hours a week, They would be traveling everytime the team would go to another state for games, they are full time with the team, it can get very stressful being away from home.

Salary and Wages

The salary can depend on the level of pro sports, it can be anywhere above 45,000 US dollars, free travel, visting states, free expensive

Similar Careers

School Sports Coach, Sports Medicine, Fitness Educator

Pros and Cons

Pros- Good pay, Meeting people, Helping People and the enjoy of being there for people Cons- Lots of Work, Long time away