About Primates

Primates are an extremely diverse group, they have about between 190 and 350 living species. Humans share many traits with the primate species. They have two legs and two arms just like humans. They also have finger nails and toe nail. They have a lot of characteristics like humans.
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Proboscis Monkey

Known as the long nose monkey in Indonesia, uses their noses to attract mates and have a very large species. They never go too far from the islands likes to be around jungles and swamps. They jump from tree limbs belly floating into the water a lot its like its their hobby. Can reach up to 50 pounds females only get up to half of that size. Survive mainly on a diet of leaves, seeds and fruits but insects here and there. They have stomachs that rely on bacteria for digestion. they are listed as a endangered species.
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Emperor Tamarin

This species is a small species of monkeys found in the forests of South America. Its name come from it's elegant white mustache. It is a grey color with black hands and feet and a brown tail. Majority of them diet along with rodents, reptiles, eggs and tree sap. Due to the sizes of tamarin's they have a number of predators in their environment. They are omnivorous animals, hunt both plants and animals in order to survive. Their primary predators are wild cats, dogs, snakes, and birds.
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Tarsiers are found only in the islands of Southwest Asia. They jump through trees to catch to catch their food. They mainly eat insects, like lizards, snakes, and birds. They are small animals with very large eyes. Majority of this species is endangered or threatened. They have a stare like no other animal. Most noticeable thing is their eyes. They like to jut hand from tress and rest.
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