The Other Alexandra

Breaking Bad


Alexandra Howell was born to Mark and Samantha Howell in Conover on November 12, 1995. As a child Alex was bright and smart but as she entered high school she began to struggle. Alex survived all the way to her Senior year, but soon her grades began to decline and she was forced to receive counseling for anxiety as well as her obsessive compulsive disorder antics. Wondering and hoping was Alex about her college career and distant future. She was completely unsure of her outcome; however against all odds Alexandra graduated high school in the spring of 2014. Her hopes of honors and valedictorian were long gone. College at Appalachian State University would surely be a struggle for Alexandra in the next years.


As Alexandra entered her Freshman year at Appalachian State University, she was immediately disappointed. Her stress level was at a new high and unable to cope with her anxiety and being away from her home life Alex's grades soon began to drop drastically. She soon became addicted to Adderall to try and compensate with the overwhelming lack of sleep. Alex was having a rough fall from the previous life she had in her home town of Conover; she was truly miserable. Located in a school that was cold, freezing, and seemingly unpleasant Alex's life took a turn for the worst at the end of her Freshman year in college.


Monday, May 11th 2015 at 7am

287 Rivers Street

Boone, NC

Ms. Alexandra Howell, the faculty and staff of Appalachian State University is sorry to inform you that your grades and performance at Appalachian State University are unsatisfactory and not up the the University's high standards; therefore, Alexandra , you will not be on the roster to attend Appalachian State next fall. After, the campus police located prescription Adderall in your dorm this past semester, it has come to the staff's attention that your time at Appalachian State has been wasted. You will have the opportunity to reapply to App State if you so wish; however, at this time the faculty and staff will have to release your contract with Appalachian State.


Sally Smith

Dean of Admissions

**Note: You are required to have all of your personal items out of the dorm in no later than two weeks otherwise further action will be taken. Please return the dorm rooms keys to the front office as soon as possible.**

Where to Go?

Alexandra was kicked out of Appalachian State and was not invited back home. Alex's parents were highly unsatisfied with her performance and disappointed. For the first time in her life Alexandra had no where to go. She had no money, only a high school education, and a dismal future. Instead of going to Community College for a year and getting her life back on track Alex fell into a pit of depression and soon became addicted to smoking cigaretteS. The addiction filled her days and her restless thoughtS filled her mind at night. Her life was totally opposite of what she ever planned it to be.
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A Life Defined

As Alexandra traveled down the unforgiving path of addiction and trouble, her life became bleak and unfulfilled. She began to drink and smoke even more rapidly and that habit became the focus of her life. Alex was never married and lived what some would call a waste of a life. Alex's parents recalled that Alex had dreams of being a mother and having a family, but somewhere those dreams became overshadowed with fear and disappointment. For years no one ever saw Alex,but it is now known that she lives in the Appalachian mountains, a place she once hated, alone in a small, unique house where she lives alone. Secluded from the world. Not much has happened to her-no college degree, no real successes in life. What a waste most would say? Personally most people believe she has gone crazy, insane perhaps. Alone, in the mountains, six cats, a chain smoker, alcoholic, and no family ties. What is she living for? The hope of a future is gone. At age 35, Alex has no achieved much at all. What once was a bright and intelligent girl went to waste through lack of focus and addiction.