SPS Wellness Plan 2020

Nutrition Guidelines

School Breakfasts and Lunches will meet USDA Guidelines for Nutrition Standards in the National School Breakfast and Lunch programs.

All other foods and beverages will meet USDA guidelines as listed below.

USDA Guidelines for "Other" foods and beverages:

All food or drink items sold in schools must:

  • Contain whole grains OR
  • Have a dairy product, fruit, vegetable or protein product be listed as the first ingredient OR
  • Have a combination of at least 1/4 a cup fruit or 1/4 a cup vegetable OR
  • Contain 10% of Daily Value

Food Will Also Meet the Following Requirements:

Fat and Sugar Limits


  • Total fat must be under 30% of calories
  • Saturated fat must be under 10% of calories
  • 0% Trans fat

  • Less than 30% of weight from total sugars in foods

Calorie and Sodium Limits:


  • Snack Item: less than 150 calories
  • Entree Item: less than 300 calories

  • Snack Item: less than 200 mg
  • Entree Item: less than 420 mg

Standards for Beverages:

  • No carbonated beverages or energy drinks will be served to any grade level.

Schools may serve:

  • Water
  • Milk
  • 100% fruit or vegetable juice

All after-school activities, fundraisers, school parties and vending machines will follow the guidelines listed above

Nutrition Education:

All grades will be educated based on their level about nutrition and health. Curriculum will follow guidelines set by Healthy People 2020.

Lessons will be hands-on, applicable, relevant and enjoyable.

Community organizations will be encourages to join in teaching these lessons.

Healthy People 2020:

Healthy People 2020 has specific goals to achieve, including:

1. To promote overall wellness in adolescents as well as adults through nutrition education.

2. To keep home, school and overall city environments clean and safe.