February 2013

What's New in February???

For those who began work on 1/7 we are four weeks into the semester. Mathematically, that looks like 4/18 or approximately 22% through. YAY!!! There is also a group of students who are following the 16 week schedule. It is important that the students know which schedule they are on since that decision guides their day to day work.

Checking Student Progress and Getting Ready for the AP Exam

Check on your student's performance by asking them to SHOW YOU the course.
OR...there is always the parent pages at Georgia Virtual:

The direct link to the Knowledgebase page is: parent-info

Accessing My Parent Auditor Account

Using Your Parent Auditor Account

Encourage your student to enroll in the online study resources provided at SHMOOP. (

This is a paid subscription through GaVS that offers study help for just about any course along with preparation materials for all AP Exams.
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Email with questions at any time