Mr. B's Friday Lights

It was quite a night on Monday!

Their voices were from the heavens!

With each and every song, the children's voices were true and strong. The variety of tunes provided old favorites and some new harmonies and rounds that highlighted the kids' talents. Mr. Boucher led the children with his typical enthusiasm and style which connects so well with them. I had a number of parents/visitors tell me how much they enjoyed the concert and the children's singing. I am sure there are many memories saved by videos and pictures taken of our young performers. Thanks for joining us.
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Using our Technology

Below are photos of students engaged during the literacy block using their Google Nexxus Tablets. The teacher is with a small guided reading class and these second graders are in the midst of listening to their story. It is an example of how the children are putting this new technology to work for themselves.

Time to hear from the Elves

Writing is an emphasis in our schools and here are some examples of the annual visit from the elves in first grade. The elves have become better writers each year. This little elf seems very busy.
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Some signs to help us out

Over the various SMORES, I have tried to give you and idea of the inside story about our school. These signs are more examples of tips that are shared with the kids while they are here each day. We also have Merton Moments during the announcements where I reinforce these ideas. Maybe the kids can tell you more about these signs.

Assembly News

Each month, during the second Wednesday, we have an all-school assembly in our cafeteria. December's assembly was led by a team of 4th graders who serve on the Principal's Council. We met to discuss how they can improve our school. They each designed a slide for a google presentation and then showed it to the entire school this past Wednesday. Try this link to see the presentation developed and presented by the kids. I am very proud of them.

Mike Budisch

Here's wishing you some peaceful moments during the last couple of weeks before the big day. I thank you for cominig to the concert and reading this smore.