The 4-1-1

by: a cool mom

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Regina George hit by bus

My daughter was chilling and then as she was walking across the street, she got hit by a bus! The bus driver was driving at high speeds which should have died from, but she luckily left only with a broken neck. If you can look in the back of the photo below you see me and my sweet ride!! (-: That car ended having tons of blood in it due to Regina's broken neck, so after the doctor’s visit I sold that car. Also thankfully, I blamed this on my husband saying that him leaving Regina and I made her act like this. Automatically, he felt bad and paid in full. Leaving my daughter in a neck brace for prom. #lol

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THISSS ISSS MEEEEE <33 #pretty #swag #flawless

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i have only had one divorceeeee #beentheredonethat

regina is my best lozer LOL