Mustang Minute

Vol III Issue 37, June 8, 2015 (FINAL EDITION)


Field Day

Thank you to Ms. Beneline Williams, for organizing, planning and running another excellent field day! Thank you to all of the staff members and volunteers who supported this effort. What a wonderful lesson on REACHing for the STARS!!!

Year's End

We have reached the end of another school year! This is a bittersweet time. We celebrate accomplishments, we pack up our classrooms, and we begin reflecting on ways to improve next school year.

This is also the time we say farewell to members of our Charles community who are moving on. The main purpose of our faculty meeting on the 15th is to recognize those who are moving on. Also, I would like to recognize, Mr. Celvin Richardson, whose last day with us will be this Friday. I thank him for his contributions and wish him the best in all of his future endeavors.

ILA Folders: Reminder

I am checking ILA folders this year. Please alert me as soon as you are ready for review to prevent a major back-log.

CSB Summer Program

The summer program begins on June 22. Please make sure you have covered any areas you want to restrict access to with paper. See Ms. Huntington or Mr. Futrell for supplies. Please do not use bulletin board paper.

Thursday Email

Each Thursday leads and all staff will receive an email about planning/organizing for 2015-16. Please check your email on at least a weekly basis over the summer to stay in the loop.


June 12 - Karla Moody

July 6 - Laura McCarthy

June 31 - Tara Huntington

August 1 - Kala Cespedes

August 2 - Stephanie Avery

August 4 - Michelle Hill

August 5 - Kelly Gwinn

August 6 - Bonnie Beardsley

August 9 - Lacy Lozaw

August 14 - Catherine Shuford

August 15 - Beth Stabnow

August 16 - Ken Futrell

August 17 - Reggie Alston

August 22 - Kay Dawson


Monday 6/8

  • Field Day

Tuesday 6/9

  • Rising 3rd Graders Visit/Transition Program
  • Gold Star Tally Program

Wednesday 6/10

  • Talent Shows
  • Monthly STAR Student Awards

Thursday 6/11

  • Division STAR Awards
  • Alston/Gwinn Out AM
  • 2nd Grade to Riverview Farm Park
  • 5th Promotion Practice
  • Early Dismissal

Friday 6/12

  • 4th to Riverview Farm Park
  • Early Dismissal

Monday 6/15

  • Last Day for Students/5th Grade Promotion (Noon)
  • Kindergarten End-of-Year Bash
  • Faculty Meeting (immediately after buses leave)
  • Early Dismissal

Tuesday 6/16

  • Check-Out Forms Due Signed to RA
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