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HER Story Can Help Save Families of Violent Crimes

My Mother's Day Present to My Mother

For those who know me and my family, you know that we have endured countless tribulations with our loved ones. Our family is no stranger to disease, mental illness, addiction and even death. We've had our fair share of abuse in one form or another.

My mother, Elly Arizmendi Montemayor ("Miss Elly"), passed away from illness in 2004 in Tyler, Texas. Even though my mother suffered through physical and mental pain, she still had God on her side and her passion for helping others make a difference in their lives.

She worked at the East Texas Crisis Center for many years and was a place she always felt that she belonged. I can remember hearing her stories and seeing happiness in her eyes when it came to this Center. She believed in their mission and did everything she could to help fulfill it.

For Mothers Day, I'd like to take this opportunity to share my business and for any item that is purchased, I will donate all my profits (30%-50%) to the East Texas Crisis Center for the month of April and May.

Please help me in achieve this goal so I can give back to a worthy cause that my mother believed in! Every little bit helps. This is my Mother's Day present to my Mother.

You can make your purchase online go to http://tamrowskitreasures.origamiowl.com/parties/misselly278592/collections.ashx

Thank you for your purchase and support!

About East Texas Crisis Center

The East Texas Crisis Center is dedicated to providing safety, shelter, and education for victims of family violence, sexual assault, and other violent crime. Commitment to restoring dignity and purpose in the lives of victims and promoting public compassion and awareness in order to reduce violence in our community.


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