Post Office

By: Reese Koppenhafer

How It Is Used

The post office is the department responsible for the transportation and delivery of the mail. It is also called the postal service.

How is it different from similar inventions?

The post office allows people to send packages to one another and to send letters. This is more useful than e-mail because you can't send packages through e-mail. Even though it is slower to send a letter than it is to send an e-mail, you can send letters from most places and it doesn't require internet.
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5 Aids in Movement

People might move to a new area to be closer to a post office so they can send and receive packages and letters easier.

Ideas used to travel much more frequently through the mail between countries.

The post office is one of the only ways to get packages to someone without taking it in person.

This invention is one of the reasons that people were able to spread out so far from each other and still communicate.

This invention allows anyone near a post office to talk to anyone in the world. You don't need internet or even access to telephones to use it.

Why Should I Use This Invention?

This invention is very useful and allows you to communicate with others when you have limited resources. As you can see from the information above it is very flexible in it's uses and accessibility.


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