vulcanization of rubber

Charles Goodyear

The story of vulcanization

Charles goodyear tried to make a type of rubber Called india rubber. Less brittle when cold and less sticky when hot. He was using sulfur and it didn't seem to be working. One day he spilled a mixture of rubber and sulfur on a hot stove and to his surprise, it didn't melt. He found out that the rubber needed heat to cure(strengthen).

how vulcanization works

The standard tire starts of as just rubber and cables loosely held together. The tires are put in a machine sort of like a waffle iron. It uses heat and it adds sulfur to the tires so that they get their tread pattern and become strong at the same time. this process is called vulcanization

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How it helps us

Vulcanization helps us to make durable tires which keep our cars on the road. Without vulcanization our cars would have tires that melt in the summer and break to pieces in the winter. Tires are a vital part of our cars and vulcanization keeps them strong and durable.


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