Fourth Grade News

October 2018

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Student of the Month: Respect



Multi-Digit Multiplication and Division

Key Vocabulary

  • algorithm

  • remainder

  • divisibility

  • place value

  • partial product


  • homework will be sent home each Tuesday and Thursday. Please return homework the following day.
  • Underwood Math Newsletter will be sent home Monday of each week

Helpful Hints

For helpful hints and explanations of fourth grade mathematics, the following website details every item discussed in fourth grade mathematics. It also includes a Parent Newsletter which explains what each concept means. Click on "Fourth Grade" and the information will appear.

Reading & ELA

Overcoming Obstacles

Reading Skills

  • summarizing
  • finding/ comparing theme
  • explaining events
  • structure of a text
  • interpret information
  • firsthand/secondhand accounts

Grammar Skills

  • Commas and coordinating conjunctions in compound sentences
  • Commas and quotations
  • Relative pronouns and adverbs
  • Progressive verbs
  • Helping/ Linking verbs

Informational Writing

Key Vocabulary

  • comparison
  • drama
  • poem
  • summarize
  • relative pronoun
  • relative adverbs
  • progressive verbs
  • helping/ linking verbs
  • coordinating conjunctions
  • compound sentences


  • Read for at least 20 minutes
  • Fill out reading log question for the day

Social Studies

Topics of Study:

  • Constitutional Convention
  • James Madison
  • George Washington
  • Ben Franklin
  • Articles of Confederation
  • U.S. Constitution
  • Popular Sovereignty
  • Great Compromise
  • Three-fifths compromise
  • Slave states / Free states
  • Federalism
  • Federal, state, local government


Students had fun creating their solar smore ovens! They were up to the STEM challenge!

Topics of Study:

  • The Water Cycle
  • Types of Clouds
  • Weather Instruments

Key Vocabulary

  • evaporation

  • condensation

  • precipitation

  • collection,

  • cirrus clouds

  • cumulus clouds

  • nimbus clouds

  • barometer

  • thermometer

  • anemometer

  • rain gauge

  • wind vane

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