Adaptation PBL

Ethan carrasco

Adaptation PBL

Have you ever wondered what kind of adaptions a Morphion Falcon and a Robo Franken

plant 2000 will need to survive on a different planet?

Have you thought of what a Morphion Falcon is? My adapted animal which is the Morphion Falcon, has many adaptions to the planet I chose which is Raina. One of the many abillities/ adaptions my consumer has is it can see far,far away so it has a advantage

on catching prey or if a predator is sneaking up on it then it will see it and fly away. Another amazing abillitie my consumer has is it can fly really fast so nothing can catch it and so it can catch small But, fast prey and the secret to how it fly's so fast is it has bat like wings. Now this next one is pretty cool because, Morphion Falcon can morph into anything like for example, if Morphion Falcon was being chased then it would morph into a plant to throw the predator off it's trail. Now after all those I Think I have created the perfect defense system for a animal. My Morphion Falcon has Laser-eyes that are poisonus. Then my favorite the cyber scream to scare away huge predators.

Have you ever seen a Robo Franken Plant 2000? My adapted plant/ Robo Franken plant 2000 has many adaptions to the planet I chose. One thing my plant has is it has green titanium for its metal so nothing can kill it, smash it or eat it. Another cool thing my plant/ producer can do is it has chainsaw hands to have for defense and to cut down long leaves incase it's in hot pursuit. Now for the last two cool things my plant can do. So for the first abillitie my plant/Robo Franken plant 2000 has is it can activate rocket boosters so if a lot of predators trap it can fly away as a full proof plan. Now for the final

adaption my producer can turn its feet leaves into Frankenstein shoes to stomp away predators.

Well without a doubt my Morphion Falcon and Robo Franken plant 2000 have all the adaptions they need to withstand the Enviroment I put them in.

Have you ever wondered what things I love about my planet and producer & consumer.The two things I love about my planet is it rains and never drys up. Then my other is it has acid like lakes. Now I'm going to tell what the most important adaption my producer and consumer have to fight the Enviroment I chose for them. the first one is for my Morphion Falcon and the most important thing for him is his morphing sphere

and for Franken plant is his chainsaw morphing hand. So now I'm going to tell you the three favorite things I like about my producer and why. One is he has a chain saw for a hand and the reason I like it is because it has something to protect it with so nothing can eat it.Another is it has titanium/the strongest metal on the earth. For its skin and I like that because it helps him not get crushed by huge predators.Now for the last thing I like about my Producer is it has rocket boosters because there stinking awesome.Now I'm going to tell you three things why I like my consumer. One thing I like about my consumer is he has bat like wings so nothing can catch him. Another thing I like about my consumer is it has a Cyber scream to scare away big predators. Now for the last thing I like about my consumer. My consumer has eye-shadow to see very far to catch prey.

Dear director I really want you to like it because I put a lot of creativity and knowledge

to create these awesome producers & consumers so I really hope you like it.

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Robo Franken Plant 2000

All the Details

Here you can look at my very awesome creations and see all the features they can do.
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Morphion Falcon

Were I got my Info

This is the website were I got all my info to create my consumer and my producer. If you want to come check it out you can. :)


While I was doing this, it really challenged me because there were a lot tricky steps on the way but,with a little help I got the job done and was able to do a lot of stuff too. So when you get something really hard to do don't give up that's what I learned.