A sneak peek in My Life <3

By Katrine Van

My favourite quotation...

The best and most beautiful things in the world, can’t be seen or touched. It most be felt with the heart!

But my best friend, and the one who can frustrate, piss me off, make me smile, cheer me up, make my heart jump, make me feel complete; is my fabulous horse! <3 ( Just so you know, hi hi )

Two places i would like to visit;


I would love to visit Australia, Montana or something like that. I have some loose plans about taking a half or a whole year after 3g, too work on a ranch. That is what I dream about doing after school. It tingles in me, when I see Mcleods Daughters; to ride the horses, handle the cattle or sheep, and live the country life. I am sure I would love it!


I have always dreamed about going to the great barrier reef or new Zealand (or both :), to enjoy the beautiful nature and creatures, it would be unbelievable!

My dream job... hmmm

This is hard… I already know that I want to be a veterinary nurse with a special in big animals. But I think as long as there are animals involved, it will be a dream for me. But my dream job must be to live like the Mcleods Daughters do, it is just awesome.

McLeods Daughters TV Intro HD

Three things i want to do before i leave this world: