Lanning News

A peak into Kindergarten

Our Classroom

This group ceases to amaze me! I am over the moon excited about the caring group of friends we have in our class!

This week, we have been working HARD on letter and number identification! I am already seeing so much progress!

Please keep working on letters, numbers and the sounds letters make at home! As the year progresses, I will send flashcards and different games that you can do at home to help reinforce the learning that is happening at school.

Eagle Count

We have earned 80 eagles! The eagle count continues to grow day by day!! What a great group of direction followers, helpers and caring friends we have in our class!

The class voted to have EXTRA RECESS as their reward for their 80 eagles! We will be celebrating with extra recess on Tuesday, September 8th!

Way to go Kindergarten! I am so proud of you!

Work in the Classroom

Sept. 8-11 Sight words: we, do, not

Letters: T and S;

Reading: Whole group expectations for Reading Share and build stamina for independent reading.

Writing: Different ways authors write. (Wordless books, label, letter writing.)

Math: Naming shapes and counting to say “how many.”

Sept. 14-18 Sight words: you, up, yes, no

Letters: R and H;

Reading: Identifying the front cover, back cover, and title page of a text and build stamina for independent reading.

Writing: Different ways authors plan their writing. (Across fingers, touch and tell what will be on each page.)

Math: Naming groups that have more or less.

Upcoming Events

  • September 7th Labor Day- No School
  • September 17th Chiefs Red Thursday
  • September 24th PTO Skating Party @ Winnwood Roller Rink 6pm
  • October 5th No School
  • October 9th End of 1st Quarter

Problem Solving

One thing we are working on is problem solving with our friends.

I have listed the steps that we encourage the students to use when they are in a situation where someone is doing something that is bothering them!

1. Take a deep breath!

2. Use your words (Look at the person and say "I don't like it when you___________, will you please stop?)

3. If the problem continues,use your words, again.

4. If the problem continues, raise your hand and tell a teacher about the problem.

We are focusing on handling and solving problems independently and not tattling!

Thank you for using this language at home with your child!