Charlotte S

5th Hour

At Home

Step mom, Dad, Big Brother, Cat

My favorite Anime's

My favorite animes to watch hands down are Black Butler, Naruto, Angel Beats and One piece.


My favorite food is Japanese miso ramen

Video games

I love playing video games! My favorite games would have to be Legend of Zelda: Ocarnia of Time, Kingdom Hearts, or Final Fantasy.

If I could go anywhere...

I would go to the anual New York Comic con! You get to meet authors and voice actors of your favorite comics, animes and mangas.


In my free time I enjoy drawing, playing with my cat, watching Youtube videos and Procastinating (I can always clean my room tomorrow, right?).

Best place I've traveled to...

is Paris. The food is delicious! I also love the culture and people- everyone is so nice!