By: Dylan Student

The Beginnings

The Schutzstaffel also known as the SS was one of the most evil organizations in history. The SS was created in 1925 to be Hitler’s bodyguards at first, but the SS in times to come under the leadership of Himmler the SS became much worse, and was in charge of almost all German operations by the end of World War II. They were primarily in charge of the police force, Waffen SS, and the camp systems in Nazi Germany. The SS was also responsible for carrying out Hitler’s “Final Solution” which was the mass extermination of the Jews. This is the true face of the SS.

Police Force

The police force of Nazi Germany was mainly controlled by the SS, the police force consisted of the Gestapo and Kriminalpolizei and they would help smash political opposition. The Gestapo was the official secret state police of Nazi Germany they would go door to door looking for Hitler’s enemies then and would arrest them on sight. The Kriminalpolizei was Nazi Germany’s criminal investigation agency and still is in today’s German investigation agency. The Kriminalpolizei was mainly responsible for dealing with serious crimes and burglary, but they would also round up gypsies and send them to concentration camps. Almost all of the police force was responsible for smashing political opposition by hunting down other political parties and sending them to concentration camps for not abiding Hitler’s laws. The SS kept getting worse until the end of WWII.

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Waffen SS

The Waffen SS was the militarized version of the SS. The Waffen SS would help with the daily operations with death camps and their main job was to eliminate “undesirables” which were all the ethnic groups Hitler did not deem perfect. The Waffen SS even had volunteers from other countries in Europe like France and England to join the SS. In the death camps the Waffen SS members would normally keep the prisoners in order or they would be in charge of the executions. The Waffen SS would go into people’s houses within the boundaries of Nazi territory and would slaughter men, women, and children.

Camp System

One of the most notorious aspects of the Holocaust was the Nazi concentration and death camps. The SS was in charge of these camps. They were in charge of daily life in the camps, their groups were called Death Head units, and they would founded companies as a result of the materials being collected for Nazis using forced labor. In the concentration camps the SS would execute prisoners, torture them, starve them, and force them to work all through the day. Death Head units were the names given to the SS members in charge of the camps they were notorious for their forced labor and given torture. There were quite a few companies founded as a result of the materials produced, one of the companies founded was German Earth and Stone Works. They founded these companies to produce construction materials and equipment for the SS.

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Final Solution

The worst of the SS was the “Final Solution”. This was the ordered by Hitler to be the mass extermination of the Jewish population and this was all carried out by the SS. Kristallnacht was first, then came the Einsatzgruppen, killing centers soon followed this all was the “Final Solution”. Kristallnacht was also known as the Night of Broken Glass, this was a violent wave of anti-Jewish “pogroms”- an organized massacre of an ethnic group- that went on November 9 and 10 of 1938. This was the beginning of the Final Solution. Soon came the Einsatzgruppen known as mobile killing units that would gas Jewish people in the vans as a result would kill them. Then Hitler implanted killing centers inside of Nazi Germany that were controlled by the SS. This was the SS.

The Conclusion

The SS is the most evil organizations in history because of the things that they did. They were in charge of the police force, Waffen SS, camps systems, and carrying out the Final Solution. That was the Schutzstaffel true colors.