Grade 6 Extended Newsletter

Week 9, Monday 30th May - Friday 3rd June

SJI International Elementary School, Singapore

The week in review....

Lessons continued at an accelerated pace as we approached the end of many of our topics. The children worked enthusiastically during IPC sessions as we discovered the struggles and strife that a Refugee endures upon entry to a new land. We excelled in Language Arts sessions as we completed our Historical Fiction stories and arrived at the Promised Land. During Music sessions this week, the children performed a short Music piece as a group in front of their peers. Once again, they demonstrated courage and excellence in their delivery.

This week our thoughts began to float towards our upcoming Exit Point. Next week the organisation and preparation will begin. Already discussions in class have sparked creativity and commitment from the children. They are planning a show stopper, one not to be missed.

Virtue of the week - Trust

Trust is having faith in someone or something. It is a positive attitude about life. You are confident that the right thing will happen without trying to control it or make it happen. Even when difficult things happen, trust helps us to find the gift or lesson in it.

Language Arts

After weeks of battling the dangerous waters of the stormy Atlantic Sea our Migrants finally arrived at the Land of Free. For many of our Migrants the arrival at the Promised Land was not what they had envisaged. Ellis Island, they discovered was the first stop for everyone. Despite the island's reputation as an "Island of Tears", the vast majority of immigrants were treated courteously and respectfully, and were free to begin their new lives in America after only a few short hours on Ellis Island.

Once through the gates, we soon saw that the sights and sounds in New York City were very different to the lands they had departed. It was at this stage of our journey that our characters began to question themselves. The children portrayed their characters inner thoughts with vivid, thought provoking descriptions. We described the sights and sounds of the bustling streets of New York City through effective use of similes and metaphors. We paid particular attention to keeping our writing as factual as possible, interwoven with our character's thoughts and feelings. The tenements descriptions were crucial to our writing this week. Once again, we placed ourselves in the photos and discussed what we could see, hear and smell in this foreign land. Our sentences reflected the darkness and gloom from within the cramped spaces, which for many they now called home.

Next week, we will finalise our work by editing in order to get it ready for publishing before we reveal our excellence at our Exit Point.



This week, the children worked on topics like Percentages, Speed and Volume. Children were reminded to write notes, formulas, draw a diagram or a model to help them visualise the problems better.

The revision exercises from the children’s activities were taken out from their books so that they can practise as many questions as they want to in class or at home. Course books and activity books were all given back to the children for their revision.

The children will have to get their stationery ready for the review on the 7th and 9th of June.

Stationery required:

1) Pencils

2) Ruler

3) Eraser

4) Highlighter

5) Calculator for Paper 2

IPC - Moving People


This week we listened to the words of a refugees as they recounted their migration story. First we met a young Syrian girl as she described her life and thoughts about the refugee camp which she now called home. Her joyfulness and hope was inspiring as she faced many issues in her young life. Her final words, her wish for the future, to be a heart surgeon was very thought provoking. The silence in the room when the clip finished demonstrated the profound effect the young Syrian had on everyone.

Later we had to research three different refugee's stories. We gathered information about the journey they traveled and the experiences they faced in the country which they applied for asylum in. We identified positive and negatives. Was everyone friendly? How did local people react? Do people have a positive mindset about refugees. Finally, we sorted similarities and differences in their lives through Venn diagramming. As a team we helped each other to reach the target set.

After being immersed in quality text, we reviewed the UN Bill of Human Rights once again. In groups of four we organised the Rights which we felt the refugees were experiencing and those which we thought the world has forgotten to demonstrate. Sadly, many of the rights are not being reached and we discussed why we thought this was the case. Many factors like fear, economic concerns and links to negative press were highlighted.

Next Week - Economic migration around the world!

Summer Songs

“Summer Songs” - Tuesday 7th June

ES Hall – 4.00-4.50pm:

Items will be presented by ES choir,

Solo singers and staff members.

Come and join us


Senior Choir to arrive at MR1 in school uniform by 3.45pm for a warm-up.

We will then proceed to the ES hall and take our positions on the stage area as we will be presenting the first item, “Ocean Commotion”

All participants to be seated in the front of the audience seating area and come up onto the stage area when your item is announced.

Message from Grade 4!

Grade 4 students have been learning about how the lives of people in one country are affected by the activities of people in another country, in relation to natural disasters and extreme weather events. They have been learning more about the haze in Singapore and steps we can take to go beyond the haze.

As a result of this, we will be holding a Beyond the Haze Mufti Day

on Tuesday 14th June.

We will be asking the children to wear black and make a donation to the

'Beyond the Haze' initiative.

'Beyond The Haze' is a self-funded community group that is all about raising awareness about the root causes and broader effects of rainforest destruction in Southeast Asia. All funds raised will go directly to an organisation on the ground in Sumatra called Wildlife Asia. They are working toward curbing the illegal burning of forests in the region.

To accompany this fundraising effort, the Grade 4 children will be preparing a presentation for each class in the school to educate and raise awareness. They will be explaining some of the reasons behind this campaign and what we as individuals can do to help. There will also be posters around the school from next week.

Many thanks for supporting this important initiative at such a busy time of year..

Dates for your Diary

Choicez Media Puberty Program (in class for Grade 6 students) - Tuesday May 24th, 31st and June 7th from 8.20 - 9.20 am

Summer Songs - 4pm ES Hall

Grade 6 End of Year Mathematics Test - Thursday, June 9th

Grade 6 Migration Exit Point - Wednesday, June 15th

End of School Year - Friday, June 17th at 12:20pm

Home Learning

All Home Learning is on the VLE. Please ensure that your child checks it regularly.