Debrah Totten

all About Me!!!!!!!

You may not know me but one thing you should probably know is I love to hang out and have fun with friends! Also in my spare time I like the color turquoise. I like to read, draw, play on the computer, and have fun with my family. I am eleven years old and my birthday is December 14th. I love my family, my friends, my teachers, and my pets.I have an older sister named Ashley, an older brother named Joshua (he likes to be called Josh), a younger sister named Brianne, my mom is named Shirley, and a dad named Rick. I have three pets two are dogs and one is a cat. My dogs named are Tank & Tamera their owner that they had before abused them so we adopted them. My cat’s name is Pepper and she was a stray when we found her. She was a skinny kitty now she’s a fat kitty! My favorite things to do are hang out, play on my computer,watch Hunger Games,  watch television, and read. My hobbies are gymnastics and wanting to figure out how random things work! My favorite subjects in school are E.L.A and Social Studies. My easiest subject in school so far is Mathematics.I've always wanted to be in the Olympics in gymnastics like Nastia Liukin ( my favorite Olympic gold medalist ). I especially get onto the American Gymnastics team!
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