Stages of Goverment

By Iva Bird

How do they swap to the next stage?

Every stage of government has a problem that gives them a reason to swap to the next stage. The government is falling so they create a new stage of government to fix the problem until that one fails and they begin again until the next one finds a problem to and so on.

Stages 1 and 2


This type of society began with the first people on Earth this type of society was being used up until humans learned to farm, cage animals, and had their own land. Primitive communism is a concept originating from Karl Marx.


In slave societies their were slaves and there owners, this type of government was working fine for everyone but the slaves. The slaves would work until they died but this did not involve their children so they would need more slaves. They began to takeover more and more land so they had more slaves. This became to much land to handle and the government collapsed.

stage 3

Fuedalism Stage 3

This society kept social classes separate and organized. There was a very strict set of category of people. It starts with the King and Queen of the Kingdom, the second class below them is the dukes who get a share of their land as long as they protect. The dukes gave lords land to smaller then the Nobles but only if they protect it. The lords would give land to knights as long as they protect it. Everyone else were peasants.

stages 4 and 5

Capitalism Stage 4

Private company that has only one person on charge. Capitalism is completely based on money. People are greedy and employers take advantage of the system. Since this government revolves around money employers would do anything to increase their income. Employees are only being paid a portion of what they actually earned.

Communism Stage 5

Everyone is equal in this community, there are no social classes money or government. Everyone provides for the group. There is no such thing as private property or laws.