Active Reading

Some things that we learn in active reading

Making Claims

When you give an opinion about a story that is giving a claim.

Textual Evidence

Textual evidence is when you have to prove a claim with a text from the story.


A theme the life lesson in a story some themes are...*friendship,*cooperation,*honesty, and the most common is *responsibility.You can find the theme in conflict or character change.

Point of View

Point of View known as P.O.V is the person that is talking.First person point of view is when they use I. Second is when it says you.Third person point of view is when it says he, her ,his and many more. It is the most common.

How to Make a Personal Narrative

To make a personal narrative it has to be about your self and also it has to a first person point of view.You could make endless paragraphs.