Bombing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki Ends World War 2

Summary of Event

The bombing of Hiroshima happened on August 6th, 1945 with a atomic bomb nicknamed "Little Boy." Little Boy is the bomb that America used to bomb Hiroshima, Japan. Three days later on August 9th, 1945, Nagasaki was bombed by a bomb named "Fat Man," another bomb America used on Japan.


At 8:15 am, "Little Boy," a nickname for the first atomic bomb, was dropped in Hiroshima. The pilot of the plane was fine. He traveled 11.5 miles until he was hit by the waves from the blast of the bomb. People on the ground saw a big bright light then heard a loud BOOM! Hiroshima killing 90% of the city's population. That would be 80,000 people down right away. More people would die later from the after effects of the radiation. 30% of the population were solders that were killed. 93% of the nurses were killed in Hiroshima. The people that where there described it as "New most cruel bomb."

Three days later, Fat Man was dropped on Nagasaki killing 40,000 right away. Ten years later the risk of cancer had gotten bigger. The doctors think it's because of the bombs radiation impact on them. There are lots of stories about what happened in Nagasaki. Nagasaki was not as effected as Hiroshima because the hills were bigger and a river protected it from the bomb. Nagasaki got hit by the bomb but it wasn't as loud as Hiroshima. One disturbing fact about the bomb is the shadows left behind by those who witnessed it. There are shadows on the walls of buildings still standing after the blast left from the bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The bright light from the blast is what left them on the walls forever frozen in time during their last moments on the Earth. Japan would formally surrender several days later bringing an end to the Pacific Campaign and ending WWII.

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“One of my classmates, I think his name is Fujimoto, he muttered something and pointed outside the window, saying, “A B-29 is coming.” He pointed outside with his finger. So I began to get up from my chair and asked him, “Where is it?” Looking in the direction that he was pointing towards, I got up on my feet, but I was not yet in an upright position when it happened. All I can remember was a pale lightening flash for two or three seconds. Then, I collapsed. I don t know much time passed before I came to. It was awful, awful. The smoke was coming in from somewhere above the debris. Sandy dust was flying around. I was trapped under the debris and I was in terrible pain and that’s probably why I came to. I couldn’t move, not even an inch. Then, I heard about ten of my surviving classmates singing our school song. I remember that. I could hear sobs. Someone was calling his mother. But those who were still alive were singing the school song for as long as they could. I think I joined the chorus. We thought that someone would come and help us out. That’s why we were singing a school song so loud. But nobody came to help, and we stopped singing one by one. In the end, I was singing alone.”- Yoshitaka Kawamoto

“Well, at that time, I happened to be receiving the transmission over the wireless. I was in the receiving room and I was facing northward. I noticed the flashing light. It was not really a big flash. But still it drew my attention. In a few seconds, the heat wave arrived. After I noticed the flash, white clouds spread over the blue sky. It was amazing. It was as if blue morning-glories had suddenly bloomed up in the sky. It was funny, I thought. Then came the heat wave. It was very very hot. Even though there was a window glass in front of me, I felt really hot. It was as if I was looking directly into a kitchen oven. I couldn’t bear the heat for a long time. Then I heard the cracking sound. I don’t know what made that sound, but probably it came from the air which suddenly expanded in the room. By that time, I realized that the bomb had been dropped. As I had been instructed, I pushed aside the chair and lay with my face on the floor. Also as I had been instructed during the frequent emergency exercises, I covered my eyes and ears with hands like this. And I started to count. You may feel that I was rather heartless just to start counting. But for us, who observed the weather, it is a duty to record the process of time, of various phenomena. So I started counting with the light flash. When I counted to 5 seconds, I heard the groaning sound. At the same time, the window glass was blown off and the building shook from the bomb blast. So the blast reached that place about 5 seconds after the explosion. We later measured the distance between the hypocenter and our place. And with these two figures, we calculated that the speed of the blast was about 700 meters per second. The speed of sound is about 330 meters per second, which means that the speed of the blast was about twice as fast as the speed of sound.”- Isao Kita

The Hiroshima and Nagazaki Bombings - REAL FOOTAGE!


  • The bombing at Hiroshima killed 80,000 people right away
  • The bombing at Nagasaki killed 40,000 people right away
  • Japan calls Little Boy and Fat Man "The New Most Cruel Bomb"
  • People describe the bombs as "a big bright that when you look at it, it feels like nails stabbing your eyes one at a time and a big BOOM that kills your ears"


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