Cold Case: Homicide

Anita Knutson

What is Known

- In 2007 Anita Knutson, 18 years old, attended Minot State University

- She kept in regular contact with her family which made them worried when she went 2 days without returning their phone calls

- On June 4, 2007 her father, Gordon Knutson, went to her off campus apartment and she did not answer the door after repeated knocks, he got the building manager to open it for him

- When he walked into the room he found Anita dead on her bedroom floor

- Authorities determined she had been stabbed multiple times more than a day before her body was found

- A bloody knife was found in the sink (murder weapon)

- The screen of Anita's bedroom window was cut

What is believed to have happened

- Someone who knew Anita, whether as close friends or in passing, cut the screen of her bedroom window to gain access into her apartment

- They then grabbed a knife from the kitchen and stabbed Anita repeatedly, killing her and leaving her to die

- Detectives are unable to find a suspect or anybody who knows anything about the case other than that