Earth’s for Sale

Air, Water, Sun, and Dirt. What's Not To Love At $45.50?

Interior of the Earth

Earth's interior is rich in elements such as nickel, iron, and many others. It has a large mass, and this causes Earth to have a strong gravitational pull as well as a powerful magnetic field.

Plate Tectonics

Forever changing Earth's appearance, plate tectonics make up what the lithosphere is today. Causing earthquakes and volcanic activity, it changes the landscape with each event. It helps keep populations in check and also creates new environments.

Earth’s Atmosphere

Earth's atmosphere helps filter out the Sun's ultraviolet radiation-filled rays. Not only that, but it creates weather patterns causing rainfall, keeps the air circulating, and can always keep Earth a beautiful place. 21% of the atmosphere is oxygen.

Earth’s Magnetic Field

The magnetic field keeps our atmosphere in place, which is one of the most important reasons why Earth can sustain life. It also protects Earth from harmful blasts of radiation and deflects ions.
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For Sale Now For $45.50