Founding of the 3 Colonies

By, Heidi Juedes

New Hampshire:

I will be comparing New Hampshire, Maryland, and New York. I will be comparing these three because they all have something in common but they all tell a different story.

New Hampshire is a very friendly place. They are willing and they care about animals and their foods. You should live here because they are willing and always wanting to add more people to their population.

New Hampshire is a very good place because they have a lot of crops you can grow. The new settlers grew corn, beans, pumpkins. They also raised some animals like cattle, swine, and sheep. They also cut down trees, trapped beavers, and fished. They made some buildings for British ships.

New Hampshire was claimed by James Smith the first. He claimed New Hampshire in 1614.


Maryland you should not more here because Maryland has a lot of bad things.

Maryland has a bad environment because they land is very high land that is very dry. They also where founded by Sir George Calvert, Lord Baltimore. Then was founded by King James the First. Later then he was found dead during the bargaining with the new king. The King Charles the First and his family won the bargaining with the old King.

New York:

New York you shouldn't move here because the Conley grew very fast and rapidly. You shouldn't move because the family's were made of 18 different people you didn't know about.


New Hampshire:

  • fished, trapped beavers, cut down trees,

  • building for British ships

  • raised sheep, cattle and pigs

  • 20 English settlers built Pannaway plantation

  • New settlers grew corn, beans, pumpkins

  • (1623) king James gave his land to John Mason and Sir Fedino Gorges


You shouldn’t go here because:

  • religion

  • king James 1 died during the bargaining with the other king

  • High lands and dry bluffs

New York:

You shouldn’t go here because:

  • colony grew very rapidly

  • The family's were made of 18