Scope Trials

A Clash Between Theology and Science

What was it about?

The Scope trial was against a Tennessee teacher, John Scopes, who involved evolution into his curriculum. This evolution theory led to dangerous social movements. It was basically a fight between the Bible and Darwin's Theory. The verdict of the trial resulted in John Scope being convicted guilty. The Tennessee law against teaching evolution would stand for another years after this trial. The "Monkey" trial fueled debate over evolution and creation.

Information Supporting Evolution

Life has existed for billion of years and has changed over time. Prime examples of evolution include fossils and homologies. With fossils they can take a snapshot of past and compare it to similar organisms; they can also find the cellular level in fossils and use that to determine it's evolving DNA. Homologies are related organisms that share traits and have a common ancestor. They determine homologies by comparing bone structure, and studying different cellular structures.

Information Against Evolution

There was less scientific points for information against evolution, but there still remained some sturdy points. More complex life forms can't evolve from simple life forms because there would need to be new genetic information. Going along with this there isn't a scientific law that says something can evolve from nothing. Another contributing factor is fossils being found in the wrong time era.


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