Elena Smith

Soon to be In the field of the Makeup Industry

6306 Ridgeway Dr. Houston, Tx 77087 | 713-643-8111 | smithe94@rocketmail.com


Hi, my name is Elena Smith I have been working with little kids since I was in Elementary school. Every summer since 5th grade year I would volunteer to help out for the summer school program for every school I went to. My first three years in high school I volunteer at a Chinese Mandarin Elementary School for their Chinese festival. My senior year im looking forward to having my internship at a daycare or elementary school. My three years in high school I have been on the debate team and that has help to be comfortable speaking well in front of others. Also has help me to get my point across when trying to explain something.



· Participated in learning the Mandarin Chinese Language my freshman to junior year in high school


· Certified in Microsoft Word 2010

· Certified in PowerPoint 2013

· Certified in excel 2013


5thgrade- Junior Year

Volunteering, schools

· Volunteer every summer for summer school


Volunteer, school

· Volunteer at mandarin Elementary School for Chinese Festival

· Debated For three years in high school