INFOhio in October

Summer is over: Falling leaves and pumpkins are upon us

October means more than Halloween

When we think of October, we think of falling leaves, pumpkins and Halloween. But, there's so much more! Did you know that R.L. Stine, Eleanor Roosevelt, Gordon Korman, Pablo Picasso, Steven Kellogg and John Adams were all born in October? INFOhio has many biography resources to help you learn more about these famous people.

Which resource would you use?

John Adams was the second president of the United States.

World Book Kids says that John Adams was born on October 30 and became the second president of the United States in 1797. Did you know that INFOhio has a bag to help children practice their reading skills while learning about what it's like to be the President?

Check out all the bags available. More will be coming soon!

INFOhio's Digital Video Collection has videos for your classroom

The DVC has a series called "Fall" which contains 7 segments. Elementary students will learn about the changes that autumn brings. A teacher's guide is included.

Have you looked at Science Online lately?

The new interface is full of images and up-to-date articles. Perform a search for "autumn" and find 4 videos, 4 images and 184 articles!

ISearch can help with all your searching needs!

ISearch can be found under all the Student Resource tabs. Enter "autumn" as your search term and find resources for all grade levels. While all results have full text as the default, students can narrow their topic by subject, date, publisher and content provider. Be sure to click on the eBooks tab to see what eBooks are available!

Have you registered for INFOhio webinars?

Registration is easy and webinars are FREE! Look at what's being offered in October!