Roman vs. U.S. Ideas

citizenship, Law and justice

Roman Rights

  • Men are able to vote
  • Men are able to hold official offices
  • Have their own property and write contracts
  • Go to court

Not all equal

  • U.S citizens have all equal rights
  • If Freedmen and women's had a child the, child would have full rights
  • Women would not be able to vote
  • Men had all rights
  • Freedmen had limited rights
  • Slaves not very many

The Law was focused on:

  • Marriage
  • Inheritance
  • Contracts between people
  • Laws were written in 12 tables


  • Natural laws giving every citizen rights -connected to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness
  • Judges made court decision from trails and evidenced
  • In the U.S you see them in the Declaration of Independence


  • In the U.S the punishment had to fit the crime that has been done
  • Roman punishments where:
  • -Fines- pay money
  • -Beatings
  • -Banishment- have to leave Rome
  • -Slavery
  • -Execution if guilty of treason
  • Patricide -killing your father, was punished by drowned in a river
  • Slaves were beaten, header work, or often crucified
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