Well-Oiled Monthly News 2015

August was the largest month in growth and sales for our team!

Welcome to: Dolores Flaherty, Sally Eaden, Laura Lundquist, Renee Switzer, Carissa Jacobs, Franki Storlie, Jenna Williamson, West Adams, Shannon Basterrechea, Jen Basterrechea, Ruth Sen, Ben Flowers, Karen Flowers, Megan Flowers, Sibyl Maer-Fillo, Carrie Youngblood, Betty Osborne, Andrea McJury, Emily Lacer, Lauren Bequette, Randi Christensen, Gayla Barton and Keri Kaestner!

If you see any of these folks around town, welcome them to doTERRA and know you can 'talk oils!'

Also congratulate LINDSEY FLOWERS for reaching Elite Rank last month. A huge accomplishment! Way to go Lindsey!!

Both CORI STUTZ and LINDSEY FLOWERS won the precious Rose and Jasmine oils for their high number of enrollments over the summer. Awesome job ladies! Maybe they'll let you smell them if you're really nice.


Did you know ......

Diffusing Rosemary aids in concentration and retention? Try in classrooms and study areas.

I tsp. twice daily of coconut oil can ease your dogs allergies and skin issues?

DoTERRA has quadrupled in less than 2 years! Now's the time to get involved in the business side if you've ever considered it. Essential Oils are transforming lives!

Your upline (including myself) will come teach a class about essential oils for you, your neighbors and friends and family! This is a great way to jumpstart your business!

Your doTERRA wholesale membership comes with your own personal website. Log into your back office at mydoterra.com, enter your id number and passcode to name your site and personalize it even more.


I'm excited to be attending the annual International doTERRA Convention in Salt Lake City Utah from Sept 8-13 with my husband, friends and team members! Plan on attending next year. It's an incredible learning and growing experience. They offer classes and presentations on everything from product ingredients, cell biology, mood management and building your business. Let me know if there are certain tear sheets for classes or diffusers/roller bottles/sample containers, etc that you are interested in and I can pick them up for you and save shipping costs.