Yemen is one of the oldest civilization in the Near East

The Location and Longitude and Latitude


• It is located in an Arab Country Located in Western Asia

Longitude and Latitude

• 15 °N and 48°E


Yemen's territory includes more than 200 islands, the largest one is Socotra, Which is about 354 km (220 mi) to the south of mainland Yemen. Yemen was the first country in the Arabian peninsula to grant women the right to vote. The majority of Yemen's population is divided into tribal groups.

The Capital, The flag, and the Official writing

Social Class

• First is the Sayyids, they are the descendants of Muhammad.

• Next are the Qadis or the fugaha, they preform the same social functions

• After that there is the Du'afa the poor and weak ones, they engage in low-status occupations that in most cases are hereditary.

• Last is Akhdams which are servants, and they wash and bury the dead and clean latrines


There food is made out of unique things put together and there recipe's come from the valley's and forest of Yemen

How they Dress

They dress fancy even when they don't go to anything special.

Yemen music -hussin moheb

Language, Religion, and there Government

Nuclear or Extended family?

Extended family. They are an extended family because a long time ago almost all of Yemen was poor so they a lot of there relatives lived together. Till this day they still live with a lot of there relatives.

There Culture

There culture has there Cuisine, Qat, sport.

• Cuisine

They always eat meat and fish at ceremonies, but cheese and butter and other dairy foods are less common there. saltah is the national dish. The middle is stew called maraq a froth, It is eaten traditionally with flat bread which used as a utensil to scoop up the food.

• Qat

Yemenis use traditional costumes and chew the narcotic khat-plant in the afternoons. Chewing kat is also part of the yemenic business culture to promote decision-making, but it does not expect foreigners to participate.

• Sport

The sport that they like is football (soccer). They have their team in the FIFA and FCA.

Religious Beliefs

The constitution of Yemen declares that Islam is the religion. 98% of there population is Christians. With their religion having direct influence over their laws, there has been no official protection for freedom of religion in Yemen.

There Customs

There is this thing called Ramadan. They do a various amount of things. First they decorate and light up their homes and buy different kinds of food. Children get fireworks to show their happiness. They chant religious chants known as Tamasi. The chant is different because it it like a pray to send money to there fathers. After that they wrap it all up with a big meal like we have on Thanksgiving.

Evidence that they have adopted their culture.

There is some evidence that they did. They adopted christianity from the U.S and a lot of other country's. Other evidence is there writing is adopted too. It is adopted from most of the countries in the south.

Has the changing culture help them or hurt them?

It hurt them because there state religion is suposed to be Islamic and 98% of them are Christians and it has started a fight with the Northern and Southern Yemen.