The 6 Forms of Sales Promotion

By: Bradley Seton

Premium Item Give-aways:

  • Definition- This form of sales promotion is where something is given away for free.
  • Example- A prize wheel for Doritos at a FC Dallas game.

Contests & Sweepstakes:

  • Definition- Contests are where participants perform some time of activity in order to win. Sweepstakes are where consumers submit free entries into drawing for a chance to win prizes.
  • Contest Example- The Chick-Fila halftime field goal kick
  • Sweepstakes Example- A drawing for a new iPhone
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  • Definition- Using a miniature version of a full sized product given away for free to promote the product itself.
  • Example- The free samples of food given out at Cosco

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Point-of-Purchase Displays:

  • Definition- Marketing materials or advertising placed next to the merchandise it is promoting.
  • Example- The packs of gum at grocery store registers
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Special Events:

  • Definition- A one time event to help marketers build brand image.
  • Example- The Coke Zero concert at AT&T stadium during March Madness
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  • Definition- The practice of distributing discount coupons to consumers as a form of product promotion.
  • Example- Free taco coupon on the back of a ticket

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