care about friends


Leo: He likes to be in a studio. Stargirl:  She likes to help people. Archie:  He likes to collect bones.

Kid pick

My favorite part of the book was the end when Leo got a porqupine necktie.

Figurative language

strong verbs

But kevin screamed on the phone (pg 22) . I bolted from the truck (pg 22). Kevin was at the gate, windmilling his arms (pg 22). We raced to the field (pg 22). "See better up here," he said, yanking me into the stands (pg 22).


Stargirl is the new girl at school. Everybody thinks she was hired to rile everybody up. But she was just a normal person who had been homeschooled. She just appeared to be weird. Kevin wanted to put Stargirl on HotSeat. Leo argued because he didn't want her to be on. Eventually Leo and Stargirl started to be a couple. They did stuff together. Everyone at school began to ignore Leo. He got upset and he wanted people to talk to him. He realized he would have to break up with her. It was either get used to being ignored OR let her go. It was a hard decision for him. He just wanted her to be normal. She tried, but she didn't like it. So eventually she became herself again. At the dance, everyone liked her. But the next day she left town forever.


Spinelli, pages 15-17 and 22.