Bronco Chronicles

Volume 8, Week 10/11-10/14/16

Principal's Message

Goooooood Morning #BroncoStrong faulty and staff. The eighth week of school has been exciting. It is starting to cool off a bit, which is awesome. The kids really seem invigorated on the blacktop with the onset of the cooler weather! Let's stay vigilant at our duty stations and make sure the kids are safe. More importantly, take time to talk with them and build rapport outside the classroom walls.

We are going to be busy throughout the next couple weeks. We have an assembly scheduled for our TEAM Time this coming week and the following week. On October 19th we will have a presentation presented by a group called Character Under Construction. The title of the presentation is Abraham Lincoln......Perseverance & Honesty.

We will return to our normal TEAM Time agenda on November 2nd, and you will simply pick up where you left off when working through the lessons for the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens. I will put the next lesson in your box by next Tuesday even though you won't need it right away. As always, thanks so much for your dedication to our kids, the school and our community. Now, let's make this the BEST Friday of the week!

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1. Start entering work orders through Eduphoria. If you have a tech issue, you will still use

2. Please make sure you have your classes clean up the floor before leaving each period. Our custodians are working hard to have time to sanitize desks each day during the flu season.

3. Please enter your BDAY in our BJH Google sheet if you haven't done so.

4. Say Hi to at least 3-5 kids every morning before we start our school day.

5. As students enter your room, please shake their hands or give them a fist bump. :-)

Upcoming Events

1. VB travels to the Hawley Tournament on 10/15.

2. VB takes on Early at Early beginning at 5pm on 10/17.

3. Candle Sales Fundraiser begins 10/17 and runs until 11/4.

4. CC competes in the District meet in Eastland on October 19th.....wish them luck!

5. Character Under Construction Assembly in the auditorium on 10/19 during TEAM Time. I will email teachers with more information.

6. Picture retakes on 10/19 in room 5.

7. Our final JH Pep Rally will be held on 10/20.

8. FB takes on Boyd at home beginning at 5pm on 10/20.

9. Red Ribbon Week will be 10/24-10/28.

10. Harlem Wizzards assembly on 10/26 in the "new" gym during TEAM Time.

11. Meeting the Needs of our LEP Kids Training (date to be determined): ALL teachers who teach our ESL kids will need to attend a required training with Mrs. Etzel. Two sessions will be before school and one after school. Please make sure you attend one or the other. If you are required to attend, you will receive an invite from Mrs. Etzel.

How to Use Plickers in the Classroom

Why Should I use Plickers?

Plickers is a FREE app that can be used on any IOS or Android operating system developed by Nolan Amy. Students will receive a card that has a number on it and the answer choices A, B, C, and D. Teachers can print these free at as many times as they need. The teacher will use her smart phone or tablet to scan the class cards and begin to immediately see student responses pop up on the screen. The student simply has to hold the answer choice they choose at the top of their card. This wonderfully simple activity can be used for pre-assessments, checks for understanding, polls or class surveys, tickets out the door, TCAP review, etc. Plickers is a great way to infuse technology into your classroom to make a teacher's life easier.

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Instructional Strategies

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