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November 18th, 2015

“We succeed only when students succeed. That is our goal. That is our passion. That is our work.” Nate Davis

HOS Summit January 11-15, 2015 - Essential Information


We are excited about this year's National HOS Summit and look forward to a meaningful week together in Herndon, VA! While we continue to build out details of our time together, below you will find essential information to assist you with travel plans. We will continue to update you via the HOS Highlights between now and the Summit. As always, please let us know if you have additional questions.

In Partnership,

School Leadership Development Team

Booking Travel & Accommodations

As you book travel for this event, please note that the Summit will officially kick off on Monday, January 11th with a social welcoming event that includes food, fun, and connecting! We will be joined by Allison Cleveland, Todd Goldthwaite, our CEO Nate Davis, and others to help welcome you all to Herndon! We will offer appetizers and drinks at our social event on Monday night. Summit sessions will begin early Tuesday morning, January 12th and will end mid-day on Friday, January 15th. Feel free to schedule return flights for Friday, January 15th afternoon after 1:30 PM EST.


It is recommended that you fly into Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) which is only a few miles from the K12 Corporate Offices.


We have reserved a block of rooms at a hotel as we would like everyone stay at the same location. We have arranged for a social event at the Sheraton Reston on Monday evening from 6pm-9pm and this would save everyone the hassle of traveling to a different location. We have arranged shuttle service from the Sheraton to the offices and back each day and breakfast is provided.

· Sheraton Reston 11810 Sunrise Valley Drive Reston, VA, 20191

You will need to book your hotel no later than December 18th to get a discounted rate of $139 per night. Note: A call number will be provided in next week's newsletter so you can reserve your room with a credit card. Please call the reservation line rather than booking through the K12 travel agent.

Meeting Location

The meeting will be held at the K12 corporate office. The address to the K12 corporate office is below. The rooms at K12 can get cool sometimes, so if you have a light jacket, bring that to be on the safe side. We will be meeting on the first floor. When you walk in the front doors, the meetings rooms will be behind the reception desk on the left side of the lobby.

K12 Inc.

2300 Corporate Park Drive

Herndon, VA 20171

Dinners - Please plan to attend a fun night out for dinner on Wednesday, January 13th. HOSs will be able to join K12 executives at “group dinners” to be held at various restaurants in the Reston Town Center. HOSs can sign up for the group and restaurant of their choice. Restaurants and K12 executive table leads will be shared with our detailed agenda that is forthcoming. Note that dinner will be on your own Tuesday and Thursday evening.

Breakfasts and Lunches – Breakfast will be on your own each day as the hotel offers various breakfast options. Lunch will be provided for you each day on-site.

*Dietary Restrictions: Please send an email to Brandi Maynard if you have any dietary restrictions.

Head of School in the Spotlight

Steve Hoff

School: IAVA

Began working for K12: 9/09

Superpower: My charm

Fun Fact: I am a huge Prince fan-I know...right!!!

Advice to Leaders:

Your life...And what you do with it today...MATTERS FOREVER

Leadership Video: HBR: #1 Key to Motivation

Harvard Business Review: #1 Key to Motivation

Questions to Ponder

As you review this short video clip, think about how you are motivating others.

1. After watching this video, what one thing do you plan to implement with your team?

2. What do you need from your team/manager to stay motivated?

3. How can motivation change your school culture?

HOS PD - What's on the Horizon?

Join us for a HOS call on Friday, November 20th at noon EST.

LINK to meeting

Please note that the call will last from 12pm EST – 1pm EST, allowing for Students First Pilot HOSs to meet from 1pm – 2pm with the SF team. A separate invite has been sent to those schools with conference and BBC information.

If you are unable to join on Blackboard Collaborate, please use the following dial-in: 1-888-824-5783,69084215#

School Services/Department Updates

Dual Credit Programs - Featured Seminar!

A note from Pat Keeney:

We want to connect you and your staff with an hour long seminar that will feature me and two professionals in our MPS system who lead dual credit programs. They will talk about some of the things they do to spur interest, make the experience better for parents and students, and stay sane! It is Monday, November 30th, from 3-4 ET (adjust for your time zone). Tim Melvin from GCA and Jessica Lecertua from IDVA will be featured. In the future we hope to feature many folks as there are programs in many places that are worthy of note – this is just a beginning!”

Call in Number: 888.824.5783

Passcode: 32325746

Link: http://tinyurl.com/patkeeneyguest

November Operational Guidelines and Procedures Focus: Student Records

As shared during the last HOS call in August, we announced a year-long review and professional development surrounding a new table of contents for the Operational Guidelines and Procedures. This month’s focus is student records. Since this is such a critical topic, we will be reviewing this during two Ops meetings this month as well as providing two separate breakout sessions for schools to collaborate at the regional level. Topics covered and discussed during each Ops meeting are outlined below. Schools were also provided with examples of each table of contents topic.

11/5/2015 Operations and Extension Meeting Focus: Student Records, Part 1

· File Creation and Verification

· Records Requests and Fulfillment

· Auditing CUM Files

11/12/2015 Operations and Extension Meeting Focus: Student Records, Part 2


· Retention and Destruction

· Special Programs

Training was provided last month regarding set-up and maintenance of each school’s individual Operational Guidelines and Procedures sub-site. A template has been provided for your school that outlines the require table of contents items. Ops Managers simply need to download the template and begin building the sub-site.

The School Operations Team is also building out an example Operational Guidelines and Procedures site along that follows the topical calendar each month. The Student Records section is the only populated section as that is what the topic is for the month of November. The next section to be fully populated is Systems Management.

Cheers to You!

  • Cheers to Matt for permitting us to have folks at the end of year PD so that we could learn from the largest school in the region.

  • Cheers to Scott for always being available just to be a sounding board, my coach, and my friend. I’ll return the favor in archery!

  • Cheers to Josh for, well, being Josh. Not only that, but you introduced me to Stone Cove!!

Let's Celebrate! We would like to highlight your Cheers in the next HOS Highlights newsletter. Feel free to cheer for regional teams as well as your fellow HOS's. Please submit your cheers on the form below.

Leadership Academies and HOS meetings Dates

Leadership Academy #2

· October 9th

~October 23rd *HOS Call and Leadership Academy

· November 6th

~November 20th *HOS Call Only

~December 18th *HOS Call Only

~January 22nd *HOS Call Only

~February 12th *HOS Call Only

Leadership Academy #3

· February 26th

~March 11th *HOS Call and Leadership Academy

· March 25th

Leadership Academy #4

· April 15th

~April 29th **HOS Call and Leadership Academy

· May 13th

~May 27th *HOS Call Only

Leadership Academy #5

· June 10th

~ June 24th *HOS Call and Leadership Academy

· July 8th

~July 29th- *HOS Call Only

Reoccurring Information Below

Big image

Leadership Academy Titan Pads

Big image
Strategic Leadership Titan Pad

Team members: Amanda Conley, Cassie Barton, Josh Williams, Katrina Abston, Lynn Barr, Mark Christiano, Matt Arkin

Instructional Leadership Titan Pad

Team members: Faith Shanholtzer, Kelly Van Sande, Kendall Schroeder, Josh Williams, Marcus Moore, Nicholaus Sutherland, Nicole Tiley, Lynn Barr, Sara Baker

Communication/Community Leadership Titan Pad

Team members: Pam Jonidis, Beth Lorigan, Caroline McIntosh, David Crook, Ryan Clepper, Stacey Hutchings, Steven Hoff

Human Resources Titan Pad

Team Members: Laurie Erdman, Brandy Osborn, Byron Ernest, Elizabeth Roth, JD McMahan Joel Medley, Theresa Gallagher Scott Sides, Sheryl Tatum

Organizational Management Titan Pad

Team Members Sheila Sheibler,Cherry Daniel, Jeffrey Bush, Jessie Thoman, John Huber, Kelly Edginton, Monti Pittman, Theresa Gallagher Suzanne Sloane, Theresa Gallagher, Veronica Clemons

The Leadership Academy Basics

  • Weekly Leadership Academies begin at Noon EST every Friday afternoon and run for 90 minutes
  • Here is the participant link.
  • It is highly recommended that you participate in the weekly academies via BBC because the classes are going to be interactive. Your experience will not be as rich if you join via phone only
  • Pertinent school services information that was typically presented during Friday HOS calls will be shared via regional calls, the weekly HOS newsletter, or monthly national HOS calls
  • This newsletter will have all of the information you need for the upcoming training and will arrive in your inbox every Wednesday morning
iLEAD@K12’ seeks to provide annual professional development to build upon the essential skills of school leaders as identified by the individual leader, regional leadership recommendations, and national level data and trends. This calendar captures the national professional development opportunities for SY2015-2016.
Big image

iLead@K12/School Leadership Development & Support Team

2015/16 Leadership Academy Content and Focus

2015-2016 Leadership Standards and Practices

Leadership Academy #1- "Explore U": YOU are the focus of Leadership Academy #1 entitled, Explore "U". Throughout the first seven weeks we will focus on your strengths as indicated in the Myers-Briggs assessment most of you took in January, 2015. Throughout the cycle you will build upon your strengths and learn to leverage those strengths to minimize weaknesses.

Leadership Academy #2- "Build It and They Will Come": Your knowledge and expertise will be leveraged to build out content for one of the leadership strands. Each School leader chooses one standard to work with over the course of the 7 week cycle. The goal will be to codify your expertise within the leadership strand to build a complete leadership Academy cycle in your area chosen area.

Leadership Academies #3-5-: Once the content is built, you will choose one strand to focus on for the remaining cycles. Choice is built into the process and we would like you to choose two standards. We suggest you work with your RVP/DRVP to choose one leadership strand that you would like additional support in. The strands include: Strategic Leadership, Instructional Leadership, Community, Human Resources, and Organizational Management.

iLead@K12 Team

The iLEAD team leads the design, development, execution, and evaluation of national programs that build exceptional school leadership across K12’s network of managed schools. The team coordinates school, regional and national efforts to improve leadership practice and school outcomes.

Darren Reed

Vice President, School Leadership Development