Yertle meets dictators of the world

How Yertle the Turtle is like Fidel Castro

Summary of Yertle the Turtle

Yertle the Turtle is a children's book by Doctor Seuss.
The story is about a Turtle named Yertle, who is king of the pond. He was not happy with his throne, so he ordered turtles to stack up onto each other with him on top. He was satisfied, but the turtles beneath him were not. The turtle on the very bottom, Mack, was suffering and needed a break. When he asks Yertle for one, he tells him to shut up. He decided that his throne was not high enough, so he calls for more. After night falls, he sees that the moon is higher than he is. Again, he demands that more turtles stack onto each other. With more weight on him than ever, Mack gets tired of it and burbs. This makes the whole "throne" shake and throws Yertle off and into the mud, setting all of the turtles free.

The text makes Yertle seem a lot like a dictator in many ways. He reminded us of Fidel Castro, who dictated Cuba for 49 years.

What did Fidel do that was so bad?

Fidel Castro made the very first communist state in the Western hemisphere. He also hurt the economic and political freedom.

How did Fidel Castro affect Cuba?

He affected Cuba because he didn't give many options to the people of Cuba as far as economy and politics. This caused for the people to start illegally immigrating to different countries such as the United States.

How is Yertle like a Fidel Castro?

Yertle is like Fidel Castro in a few ways. Here are some of them:

*Yertle was bossy to his people. Castro was also bossy to Cubans.

*Yertle did not let people leave his "throne", just like Castro did not let people leave Cuba.

*Yertle became upset when he did not get what he wanted. Castro did the same, and sometimes tortured his people because of it.

*Yertle showed no mercy to his people, neither did Castro.

*They didn't listen to what the people had to say.
ex. Yertle did not listen to his people's opinion. He only ignored them. Fidel Castro did the same.

“Beg your pardon, King Yertle.
I’ve pains in my back and my shoulders and knees.
How long must we stand here, Your Majesty, please?”
-Mack (Yertle the Turle)

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