Social Groups

The Beatniks

In the late 1950's, the Beatniks were formed in San Francisco, Los Angelos, and New York City's Greenwich Village. The Beatniks were followers of the Beat movement and lived nonconformist lives. These lifestyles were causing many Beatniks were to shun regular work and sought a higher consciousness through Zen Buddhism, music, and sometimes drugs. In belief of imposing as little structure as possible on their artistic works, it resulted in Americans finding this lifestyle less enchanting. In the end, the Beatniks attracted the attention of media and inspired the imagination of many college students.
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The Baby Boom

During the late 1940's, all over the United States, as soldiers would return home from WWII and settle into family life, they contributed to an unprecedented population explosion known as the baby boom. After not seeing their spouse for a long time, desirability of large families, confidence in continued economic prosperity, and medical advances, it created the largest generation in the nation's history. In 1957, significantly, this baby boom soon resulted of an infant birth every seven seconds. The generation of 1957 had a birth rate total of 4,308,000 that year.