Holifield Happenings

March 9, 2014

Upcoming Events

March 12 (Wed)- NF.4 Quiz (multiplying fractions by a whole number)

March 14 (Fri) - Electricity Test; March Movie Madness (PBIS celebration)

March 17 (Mon) - Art Basket Donations

March 18-19 (Tues/Wed) - PASS Writing

March 20 (Thurs) - Early Dismissal

March 21 (Fri) - American Revolution Test / Bingo & Baskets night (PTO)

March 27 (Thurs) - Middleton Place field trip

April 2 - Report Cards

April 10 (Thurs) - 4th/5th Grade Musical (evening performance)

April 11 (Fri)- 4th/5th Grade Musical (encore performance for school)

April 14-18 - Spring Break!! (We haven't heard anything about make-up days yet.)

April 24 - Early Dismissal


We are on the home stretch with our DBQ essay (Document Based Question). Your child has worked hard to analyze the documents and is currently making his/her way through the outline for the essay. This outline is specific and should help develop the overall organization of their writing as well as requiring them to provide details for each reason. This has been a challenging assignment, but I am excited about the growth I am already seeing!

I'm sure you have already heard about our book clubs from your child! The books & groups were announced last week. I waited until this week to begin because we had two students out and I really wanted to begin with everyone if at all possible. The clubs will meet tomorrow to discuss the rules for the club and make their first reading assignment. I know the children are excited to begin, and I was proud of the way they handled the delay on Friday. You should see the Book Club book coming home each day, and it should be the first thing your child reads for their nightly reading. The pace will be determined by each group so please understand that your child will come home with an assigned number of pages/chapters to read. I plan to make sure that the assignments are realistic as much as I can. If you notice otherwise, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Science & Social Studies

We are deep into the electricity unit in Science. The children have enjoyed the various explorations thus far. This week will have a couple more. We will take the assessment for this unit on Friday, and the notebook will be due on Tuesday. Tuesday is the day that we will be doing the writing portion of the PASS writing test, so I will be encouraging the children to finish the assignments before coming to school that day. They won't have time - nor the energy - to do anything to them.

Social Studies finds us at the beginning of the American Revolution. We will move through this unit at a brisk pace, so it will be very important for you and your child to review the notes each day. Thanks in advance for your help and patience with this... :-)

Bingo & Baskets

As I mentioned in the last newsletter, the class chose the Art theme for our basket. Some ideas for items:

  • If we could get a donation from some place that allows people to create some kind of art, I think it would be a great addition to our basket. Some places I can think of: Art Smart Academy, Palmetto Paint and Pour, Wine and Design, Two Peas in a Pot, & Mad Platter
  • Crayons, paints, construction paper, play dough, colored pencils, sidewalk chalk, paint brushes, finger paints, finger paint paper, glitter, markers, scissors, stickers, glue sticks.
  • Art easel
  • Gift card to Michael's

If you can send in an estimated value of any donations you send in, it would be extremely helpful. Please know that any item is appreciated - big or small. They will all add up together to make a great basket!

You'll notice that I listed the Art basket donations in the Upcoming Events. We will need to get a basket or some sort of container to put it all together so that will allow a couple of days to make that happen before they are due.

Middleton Place

If you haven't already returned the green sheet about who is picking your child up after the field trip, the deadline for that is Tuesday, March 25th. I understand that some people aren't able to finalize those sorts of things until closer to the day so I will not be stressing out about the "missing" slips until the 25th. :-)

If you are interested in going with us to Middleton Place, you can follow the bus and pay $10 when you arrive. I know of at least one parent in our class and possible others in Mrs. Reeves' class that are planning to do this. Please let me know and maybe you can carpool...

Food Drive

Our food drive item for March is Deodorant. This is something that the families that benefit from our food drive cannot purchase with food stamps.

Please consider supporting this wonderful cause if you are able. Thanks! :-)

Khan Academy

Class Code: 7ZWSB8

Please let me know when you are able to get your child signed up. If you have any problems or questions, please let me know. Thanks!!