Step It Up & Let's Go H2O

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Benefits of Drinking Water

  • aid weight loss
  • It keeps things moving, digestion-wise
  • It helps endurance & lessens fatigue
  • protect against some types of cancer
  • It can improve mood
  • help prevent headaches, naturally
  • It keeps our kidneys working
  • It energizes us
  • It may help keep us alert
  • It protects our joints and cartilage
  • It powers our cold-weather workouts
  • helps us think more clearly
  • balances our fluids
  • It’s been linked to heart health
  • It may help relieve congestion

Benefits of 10k+ steps per day

improves circulation

leads to a longer life

lightens mood

can lead to weight loss

strengthens muscles

improves sleep

supports your joints

slows mental decline

lowers Alzheimer’s risk

helps you do more, longer

Water Bottle & Pedometer Combo $5.00

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