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Marcasite Jewellery – Perfect for All Generations

Women and their love for jewellery are legendary. It is almost as if there exists some manner of unbreakable bond between the two. Gold and diamond jewellery are as popular in embellished tales as they are in reality. However, semi-precious stones and other metals have left an equally important mark throughout history and bring much-needed variety. In recent years, changes in fashion trends have brought about a resurgence in alternative metals like oxidized silver and marcasite jewellery.

Marcasite is a light, brittle stone which can crumble easily compared to other minerals. Yet, this fragility is one of the reasons why marcasite jewellery is so popular. Marcasite is a unique stone in many ways. While primarily darker and less translucent than most semi-precious stones, it comes in a variety of colours and shades. Impurities that give these patterns, create veins in some, and globules in other samples. The sheer variety of marcasite is mind-boggling. If that were not enough, marcasite can also be used to create the structure or frame for any piece of jewellery. The mineral itself lends well to minute and fine carving techniques, allowing for intricate patterns and filigrees. Marcasite can also be finished with a rugged matte texture or polished to a high sheen.

Women who want a vintage look or stand out in the crowd would love marcasite jewellery. It is perfect for experimenting with. Marcasite jewellery enhances a woman’s personality and boosts their self-confidence. It makes for great ‘statement’ accessories and never goes out of fashion. After all, marcasite has been used since the time of ancient Greeks.

The agelessness of marcasite makes it perfect for women of all ages. However, to create the best effect, select jewellery that flatters your skin tone and enhances your facial features. Here are few tips to help select your jewellery:

· Try long and dangling marcasite earrings if you have a round or triangular face. Earrings with elongated shapes such as ovals and angular designs suit such faces best. Look for a marcasite necklace that enhances this effect, typically ones that extend below the neckline.

· Square and rectangular faces need to reflect the classy impression while still being proportional and symmetrical. Round shapes work wonders here. Marcasite earrings with a circular style even make longer necklace look amazing. Opt for a t-style or dangling pendant to draw attention away from angular features.

· The oval face is widely considered to be the perfect shape. If you are blessed with an oval shaped face, feel free to experiment as there are no restrictions to what you can use. Try out anything that catches your fancy from the wide range of marcasite jewellery. Show off the intricacy of marcasite jewellery by wearing your hair in a nice up-do. The sparkles will the catch the attention on anyone who looks your way.

· Heart-shaped and triangular faces are fabulous for prodigious styles. Dangle or drop marcasite earrings and chokers help contrast and sharpen the angle of such faces.

Vintage marcasite jewellery is a classy and elegant way to accessorize, offering women access to styles from bygone eras such as vivid Victorian age pendants or the art deco of the renaissance. On the other hand, new-fangled jewellery designs allow women to flaunt a glamorous or bold contemporary look. Marcasite jewellery and accessories are cheaper than diamonds or gold, so do not hold yourself back from trying out both classical and modern designs.

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