Life and Times of Jordyn


Who am I?

No one knows you, like you do. People have interpretations of you, all different kinds. Others think I am a "goody-two-shoes", or a teacher's pet. They think I get stuff handed to me. But I work hard every day to get my grades and achieve my goals. I do well at sports because I push myself to get better. Through all of this, my family's name is branded on my face, one misstep and it's ruined.


For me, if it's not Friday, then it's not a good day. Just one comment can make someone's day go from sky high to sitting in the dirt. If you take one second to make someone smile today, it was a day worth being lived. Whether you give them candy just because, or you compliment someone it can turn their day around.

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If I were to retire right this second (not likely) I would travel the world. My grandmother is in Paris, France, right now and I would drop everything to be with her. traveling with my family brings me joy. You get to step out of your world for a week or a couple days and see what it's like to live somewhere else. It's a chance to try new things and to take a breath from everyday life. So far I have been to the Bahamas, Mexico, and Jamaica and I have also been to many of the 50 states. Traveling leads to new adventures everyday.

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Bad Moms

Every mom is a bad mom. In this movie, the moms were doing everything in their power to be perfect for their children, but life didn't want them to be perfect moms. Soon they realized it was ok to be a bad mom. This chick flick is a must see, especially for those "perfect" moms.

our tiny, shelled friends

Otherwise known as turtles, these little creatures are the cutest little things. They swim around in the shallow ocean, carefree. Their only purpose in life, to produce offspring. Sea Turtles are very ancient souls living in the seas, they can live for 80-100+ years.

For the love of the game

If you're not doing what you love, why are you doing it? Basketball is the most played sport by teens in the United States. Basketball makes you work harder than many other sports. In sports like basketball, you have to decide if you are going to do well or work hard. This sport doesn't build character, it reveals it. I don't know what I would do without it.

Basketball trickshots

Epic Trick Shot Battle | Dude Perfect
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Mi Familia

My family is everything to me. They help me achieve my dreams and they know how to get me through the tough times. My siblings find every way possible to annoy me and my parents find every punishment I don't want. They keep me crazy and sane all at once. "I smile because you're my family, I laugh because there's nothing you do about it."

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Jump Around

"When you say Wisconsin, you've said it all." My family is ride or die Wisconsin Badger fans. My grandfather boxed at the University of Wisconsin and my father was born in Wisconsin. When they moved to Indiana, they brought their love for Wisconsin with them. My great-grandmother has a house in Wisconsin that we visit often, and it is always a joy to visit our family. When the Men's Basketball team went to the finals for March Madness, we scored tickets and went to the game. It was one of the greatest experiences. My sister and I wear our overalls to school whenever can, and everyone knows about our love for the Badgers.
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