Technology Class

By Macee Chapmace

Typing Web

  • I know how to type in my level
  • You know how to type better sentences
  • we type for five minutes every class


  • What needs to be in a movie
  • It is very informational on everything
  • this app is fun to do and enjoy

Haiku Deck

  • This would be good if you were going to apply for a job
  • You can make anything out of it, like a project
  • Also can also just do it for fun

Explain Everything

  • It is very informational to a project or an assignment
  • You can record your voice on the bottom of the screen
  • Asking questions is optional on this app unless it is assigned

Career Locker

  • Find things that you can do when you are older
  • Can play fun games about what you have to do in that job
  • You can dress your character


  • you can have fun with the characters
  • Get smarter
  • If you want to be a video game engineer this would help